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Mr. Pickering

  Good Day Parents/Guardians, 

 Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.  I am extremely excited to join the Kenneth B. Clark family and look forward to meeting and working with all of you. The KCA community, as a whole, has worked hard to establish
itself as one that is focused on continual growth for the benefit of the students within it.  Kenneth B. Clark Academy has consistently worked to establish a culture of growth through their ongoing work in creating a respectful caring school community as well as their work in creating opportunities for student growth through rigorous engaging new learning practices. The KCA family look forward to continuing that growth by creating more chances for our students to have new experiences that can help them expand their horizons and I am eager to participate in that work.  

We will continue to strengthen our community through establishing and reinforcing our community expectations of respect, caring, responsibility and kindness through work in various programs. Our PBIS program will continue to help students take accountability for their actions as well as help them work independently toward their own success. We have worked to introduce a variety of programs such as: project happiness, mindfulness, our mentoring program, our animal care and training programs with the focus of improving the level of social emotional learning within our community. When you look at the work that has been done from the previous school year at KCA to improve the physical spaces within our campus along with our ongoing work to improve social emotional learning our goal of strengthening the sense of pride within our community becomes apparent.  

 We will continue to elevate the level of individualized instruction that our students receive through our dedication to our growth as educators. We use our established professional learning communities as opportunities to continue our development through activities such as data teams, development in our skill in using 21st century technology in all classrooms. We will complete various other trainings to hone our skills in differentiation and scaffolding, incorporating student choice to improve engagement, as well as the incorporation of student discourse as a means of facilitating learning and multiple other ongoing trainings.    

We plan on continuing our work in trying to expand the horizons of our students through various means. We will plan additional field- trips to have our students engaged in the arts. We plan on offering various positive extra-curricular experiences for students including, literacy experiences, internships, STEM programs, and the expansion of our performing arts program. We will have students participate in learning experiences outside of their regular classroom programs to participate in programs like WCC career experience program, Clark Café, coding, and engineering opportunities, Saving Jain, and Andrus work opportunities.  

I have always believed that everything we do is an opportunity to learn. At Kenneth B. Clark Academy, we work to create experiences within our community to encourage learning, in the name of success for our students. We will continue to build on the work that has been done to strengthen our community through encouraging our students to meet community expectations. We will continue to work to improve the level of instruction that our students receive through pushing our growth as educators. We will work to bring in new opportunities for our students to help them identify what their version of success looks like and to help them achieve that success. If you have any questions or would like to meet, please do not hesitate to contact me.

All the Best,

Mr. Miguel Pickering
Dr. Kenneth B. Clark Academy Principal

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