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Dr. Fine

Welcome to Clark Academy,

We are excited for the Winter season as various programs are underway.  We have implemented a curriculum, which focuses on both mindfulness and positive choices in and out of school.  Our students have the opportunity to explore various techniques that encourage social/emotional growth aligned to individual successes.

We have partnered with the Visions and Voices Playwriting program, which allows our youngsters to be a part of creating personal scripts and narratives, which will translate to on-stage performances.  Our curricular opportunities have expanded into pre-AP courses, honors enrichment, and school-work/transition experiences.  Some of our upper-classmen and women are attending Westchester Community College, involved in both home-health programs and Technology programs.  These courses end with a certification, which enhances their marketability, post high-school.

Clark Academy is committed to positive growth, individualized learning-style accommodations, and connection.  Our Positive Behavioral Intervention System (PBIS) is focused on a systemic approach, including but not limited to celebrations, weekly events, and student recognition.  A meaningful connection includes respect and care that encourages authenticity for each individual in the group (Kessler).  Our staff collectively are interdependent upon each other; and live/learn as a system with a student-centered mindset.  Our programs have expanded into 21st century learnings regarding a makers-space and coding classes.

We are proud of our students/schools successes to date and recognize that change is a process; not an event (Fullan).  Our work is explicit towards our systemic progress, locally and globally.  In addition to our work internally, we are focused on providing our "soon-to-be" graduates, internships/work experiences so as to support their success after KCA.  Thank you for what you do and please call or email if you would like to visit and/or have any questions.


Peace in the New Year and Keep Up The Good Work!

All the Best,

Dr. David Fine

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